Our Facilities


The main entrance is situated on Raby street. It leads into the office hallway where a shoe area and a notice board are situated. The stairs to the left lead to the brothers only prayer hall. Sisters entrance is on the right side of the main entrance. A single door leads to stairs to the first floor.



Leading on from the main entrance the office for the Chairman and Trustees is located to the left.


Prayer Hall for Brothers

This prayer hall is situated on the first floor and can accommodate approximately 90 men. 


Prayer Hall for Sisters

This prayer hall is situated on the first floor and can accommodate approximately 30 ladies.



The mosque provides areas for worshippers to make ablutions before prayers. The ablution is on the right side next to the shoe area for men and left after entrance for women. Ablution known as ‘Wudu’ is the act of purification procedure muslims perform before praying.


Computer room

This room is located immediately after the main office and is used for one to one meetings and access to the computers.


Conference room

The mosque has a conference room where it can be used for meetings and can accomodate upto eight people. To boo the room please call the office.



The masjid library (situated on the first floor) has a selection of Arabic, English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Nigerian and Somali Qur’an translation. We have books in Hadith, Aqeedah, Manhaj, History of Sahabahs, Salah, Dawah, Fiqh, Bid’ah, Juz 30 and many more books and magazines. The library also has a number of tapes of Qur’an by Sheikh Sudais and talks by Dr Jamal Badawi.

To borrow books from the library, ask to see a trustee. All material in the library is for borrowing purposes only. 



The mosque has a kitchen which is used for food preparation and for special events. The kitchen is used by mosque staff and catering for guests.


Car Park

Unfortunately, we do not have a car park. Cars are parked outside the masjid and close by. Please ensure you refrain from parking outside people’s houses.