Our Services

Congregational Prayers
The mosque conducts daily prayers and in addition to Jummah, Taraweh, Eid salah and also Janazah.

The mosque has two rooms which function as madrassah for both Boys and Girls. We believe It is vital that our children are taught about their religion and raised according to Islamic values.

The mosque is active in Da’wah and it is something that we embrace. We liase with TDM to offer training and workshops to our community in how to give Da’wah effectively and convey the message. We believe everyone has the RIGHT to know about Islam and it’s good teachings.

During the blessed month of Ramadhan, we provide iftaar to our brothers in order for them to break their fasts.

Qiyamul Layl
Come to one of our Imaan energy booster night where you will experience amazing Qur’an recitation, Striking lectures, Socializing with brothers from different areas to increase love and bond, Da’wah talks, Wrestling and much more.

More services coming soon!!

Watch this space!!!!!